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One the last day of their vacation, the small family of four were gathered around a table in the themed restuarant atop Cinderella's Castle for a speical birthday luncheon. The meal was winding down and the last few bites of cake, delievered amid a rousting singing of 'Happy Birthday" led by Cinderella herself, were being eaten.

Or rather Sirius was inhaling the rest of the cake as Dorcus poured over maps and scedules trying to track the thus ellusive Donald Duck. Anabel was for the moment quite content sitting promped up in her carriage looking around at the bright and glitzy surroundings and Byron was in full entertaining mode as he sat up on his knees and regailed their server with all his adventures of the week and his never ending quest for The Duck.

Leaning over Sirius whispered to Dorcus, "If we don't find that damned duck today, he is going to go totally spare. You know that right?"
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Sirius followed behind Dorcus as they made their way from the bus stop to the large hall were they were having dinner. Tugging at the new clothes Dorcus had finally nagged him into, Sirius felt wholly ridiculous and that all eyes were on him... laughing.

"I can not believe I let you actually talk me into this, I look like an idiot. Merlin woman I haven't worn short pants since I was six." He hissed at his lover. "And what is this silly shirt suppose to mean, Grumpy," Sirius grunted. "I am not Grumpy." He insisted with a deep scowl as he held out the front of the character tee shirt she gave him to wear with the blinding white shorts that hit just above the knee of his dark tanned legs.

At this statement Dorcus and Byron, who was skipping along beside the witch holding her hand, shared a look and Byron giggled as his mother winked at him with their shared joke.

Still trailing behind, Sirius tripped slightly on the long walk as he was not yet used to the sandals on his feet. Also an insistence of his lovers. "I still don't see why I couldn't wear my own shoes at least. I look like a bloody homeless vagrent." The wizard whined.

Releasing Dorcus' hand, Byron stopped to look back at Sirius. Swinging in place on his own sandled feet, he gave his father a superior look. "By does it Daddy, see?" Byron hopped up and down and ran rings around the chuckling witch and petulant wizard.

"I'm hungry, where are we eating again?" Sirius asked with crossed arms as he stalwartly ignored the three year old showing him up.
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30 August 2009 @ 12:16 am
Lounging in a lazy slump on the sofa, Sirius was sipping on a glass of firewhiskey. After all it seemed a shame not to finish it as after everyone had finally left there was only a small amount left and it was not quite worth it to keep such a misily bit sitting around.

Lowering his arm, he rested his wrist on the ankle that was crossed over his opposite knee. He quietly chuckled to himself as he looked down at the little boy curled on the floor in front of the softly twinkling tree. Too excited with the activity of the day, Byron had forgone his usual mid-day nap and had finally given up the ghost and passed out where he was playing. Sparks was curled in a ball tight against his one side while a tangle of kittens were spralled along his legs and a forgotten toy lay in his limp hand.

The wizard's glaze lifted from his deeply sleeping son as Dorcus joined him on the sofa. "He may sleep through tomorrow the rate he was going today." He joked, raising his other arm to drape around the witch cuddling her close to his side.

"So tell me little girl, did you have a good Christmas?" Sirius smiled as he playfully gave her a half leering look.
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26 February 2009 @ 04:35 pm
Expressive bright green eyes looked into fathomless grey. Blinking owlishly a tiny brow moved as Byron thought most deeply. Finally a tiny hand opened and a ruby red hard rubber ball dropped, bouncing on the rug as it rolled away.

The air from a soft woof muffed his hair as a massive black dog rose from his haunches. Turning the dog took off after the fallen prize, careful not to allow his long powerful legs to get away from him. He had learned that a rolled newspaper, usually welded by the woman currently humming to the wireless in the kitchen, rather hurt and always stung.

Darting behind a chair, the canine appeared from the other side with the ball gripped firmly in his strong jaws. Trotting back to where the little boy cheered and clapped, he layed the ball at the boy's feet. Lifting his head the dog seemed to grin just before he ducked forward and licked Byron full in the face with his long tongue.

His laughter increased even has he was tumbled back to his well padded bottom. Slobber moistened his wide grinning face as his dog bent and nuzzled his neck and face. Clasping his hands surely in the thick black furr, Byron tugged with a shrill cackle, hugging the great beast closer as his mother entered the room.

Looking around at her voice, Byron tightened his hold on the dog, pulling harder as he said, "oggy - oggy" Proud of his new friend, Byron released his fingers and instead pounded his hands on the animal's back and head.

Unprepared for the sudden move of the boy, the dog lost his footing and fell fully into Byron's lap, the boy was quick to curl around the dog, trapping him in his embrace unless the dog were to over power his small limbs with force, something the laughing mother did not seem to fear in the least.
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Draining the last of the ale, Sirius sat the mug to the bartop as his hand drifted almost on its own to his furry cheek. His fingernails scraped the itchy hair that over the last week of Dorcus' constant bitching had thickened and grown scraggly.

"Bloody women," he muttered to Remus as James ordered another round of drinks. The three old friends were gathered at a rather seedy bar in muggle London for a friendly drink and as usual these days their talk had turned to the women in their lives. "As much as Dor has been on my arse lately I still am glad I don't have to go home to that shrew of yours." He turned to James with a baleful look.

"I can't believe she is still whining about a couple of boxes. Well actually yes I can given this is the all mighty and perfect Lily Evans." Sirius laughed meanly of the woes James had been regaling them with.
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23 December 2008 @ 12:02 am
Opening the door, Sirius trudged in with a gratful sigh to be home after a long and brutal day dealing with the mass of idiots that ran their government. Dropping his bike's keys to the narrow table in the entry, he stepped over the toys that litered the floor, manuvering like an old pro.

In the distance he could hear his son's voice, loudly carring throughout the modest home as the nine month old played in the den. Smiling slightly, the wizard let the normal sounds of home and hearth soothe his tired body. Walking to the archway to the den, Sirius blinked at the unusal sight.

Now neither he nor Dorcus had ever been overly concerned with the perpetual clutter that seemed to find them and which had only grown with the very active addition to their lives. But still Dorcus did at least attempted to keep such messes contained for the most part, and she was generally sucessful. So when Sirus walked in and saw the den looking as if it had been blown to bits by a Death Eater attack he was instantly aware all was not well in casa de la Black. It was only the slight and sound of Byron, gleefully shriking at the top of his lungs as he beat and banged on several upturned pots with a giant wooden spoon that kept the seasoned warrior from drawing his wand.

As if sensing a new presence, Byron then turned his head, dark curls bouncing against his skull. His snaggle-toothed grin widened at spying his father standing there. Suddenly he started screaming "da-da-da-da.." adding his newly learned word to the litany of loud exclaimations he was shouting as he continued to bang his unique tune in time with his updated song.

His smile twisting into a half grimace as the entirely unmusical sound assaulted his ears, Sirius crossed his arms and shook his head as he leaned against the wall. "Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that you young man have not exactly been a little angel today?" Sirius mused with fond lilt to his tone as Byron turned back to him with an increminating laugh.

Giving a last chuckle to his son, Sirius pushed off from the wall and turned to look for his wayward lover. Scratching his head as he passed the downstairs bath, Sirius furrowed his brow at the water and towel covered floor. Walking through the dinning room on his way to the kitchen, he discovered not even this room was without its causualties of the day. Clothes were littering the chairs and table where an ironing board was still up as if abandoned mid-laundry. Those lucky articles that had been fully processed were left hanging off window sills and the hutch, all but forgotten.

Growing more and more worried as Dorcus never left the ironing unattended or out for fear of Byron pulling the heavy board and heavier iron down upon him. With great trepidation he pushed open the swinging kitchen door to find himself even more worried and stunned as Dorcus sat on the floor crying bits of a ruined pie all around her and the empty baking dish hanging from one of her hands.

Too stuned to move, he gaped at the woman. "Merlin's hairy bollocks woman, what happened to you?" He gasped.
22 November 2008 @ 12:15 am
Looking up from the potion he was stiring oin the small caldron, Sirius watched as Dorcus came into small room the witch had coverted into a library of sorts with all the books Regulus had given her from their Uncle's massive collection.

Choosen by the wizard because it was the only room in the cottage with no exterior walls, thus no windows that could be spied into, waved her to close the door behind her.

"Make yourself comfortable, this still needs a few minutes." He told the witch as she sat in one of the two chairs in the room and sat the baby monitor were the soft sighs and snores from their son were playing on the table between the chairs.

Giving the bubbling potion one last stir, Sirius left it and stood straight. "So are you ready to get started?" He asked with a smile to her giddy bouncing.
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06 October 2008 @ 10:44 pm
Looking up from the transmission he was rebuilding for his bike, Sirius glanced across to the corner of the shed Dorcus had adopted as a makeshift art studio. Sighing at the frustrated grunt that had gained his attention in the first place, he wondered just how long the witch was going to keep up with this ridulous request.

Huffing and puffing with irritaion, Dorcus had been planted before the same easel all day, too stubborn to admit defeat with the creation that obviously giving her fits.

Setting aside the mechanical part and wiping his hands, Sirius rose from the floor and walked over to where Dorcus had just tossed aside her brush yet again.

"If this whole painting thing is making you this miserable, then you should just forget the whole thing and tell Lily to just paint her own damn dog." Sirius said as he came up behind Dorcus and wrapped his arms over her shoulder and dropped a kiss to her neck.

"I never heard of anything so stupid anyw-" Breaking off as he looked up and over her shoulder to the canvas and nearly jumped back in fright.

"What in teh hell is that suppose to be?" He asked horrorstruck at the demented looking animal staring half painted back at him.
The flat was unusually quiet this Saturday morning. James had yet to return from his overnighter at Lily’s and Dorcus was puttering in the kitchenette practicing on some new recipe she and Mrs. Potter had been working on the past week.

Sirius, in a rare contemplative mood, sat at the small dinette hunched over the Daily Prophet with a quill in hand and ever so often muttering lowly to himself.

“Hm, too small… can’t afford that one… worse then this one,” he said aloud as he ran the tip of the inked quill down the ads.

“AH-HA, this might do nicely!” Sirius crowed as he energetically circled something in the paper as Dorcus came out of the kitchen with a large platter of …something.
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07 February 2008 @ 01:50 am
Coming up behind the witch adjusting her sinful outfit in the mirror of the large sleep chamber they were given for the night, Sirius' eyes gazed admiringly over her curvatious hips and bum. Stopping when he was but a hare's breath from her back, he reached forward and flicked one of the bells fastened to her waist, a soft tingling sound filling the room.

"Think if we ask nicely they will let us keep it?" He asked of the erotic dancing costume.
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